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Cowbell Gang 2 Sadly On The Way

Posted by Maxaroni5 - September 18th, 2007

After the confusing 3 comment response to my newest flash I have decided to make another, less weird, Cowbell Gang. Just For the Hell Of It. Just Joking. But those tape structures are pretty cool right? My friend makes them. Oh guess, what! I am mad at Tom Fulp, Creater of Newgrounds, because I think he is teasing me. he left a comment on one of my other post but never got back to me.... D: also, check out This Guy's stuff. It's pretty cool. another honorable mention is This Skate Apparell Site.... any way... thats all for now. Oh, heres an awesome picture I found:

Cowbell Gang 2 Sadly On The Way

Comments (2)

An animator for a job? I highly doubt that. Animation flash doesn't mean it's your job. It's only your job when you're paid to do so. Also Tom is like that, trust me. Also work on that animation design, your creative side is great but actually getting it into the animation might not be the easiest thing for you to do.

i have actually done flash for money. it's pretty nice getting payed for flash. plus, who puts "I DO ODD JOBS LIKE MOWING PEOPLES LAWNS AND CRAP " on their job. I put animator because it is something I like to do and will do after college. I hope to get a job as an animator but if i don't then oh well. actually, i had an offer recently to do shorts for comedy central. but the guy who was going to get it going, got into some bad terms with his boss, and so I can't get that job.... :(

Well, let me explain college. You must know the GPA that college only accepts or grades they accept from high school.

I got a 3.5 as a GPA. I get scholarship. Find a college, look at it's info. Accepts GPAs higher than 3.1 or Accepts Grades B or higher.

Personally if you like animation for a College of Arts. I can't guaretee they will have animation. Most College of Arts schools have Litterature, Illustration, Animation, and game Design. And really I don't you had any terms with Comedy central, not to be harsh. I don't think some one that is possibly around their 40s or 50s would accept a Kid. Try to start small, make your company, and to make a merger.

An Example of Merger:
At&t and Singular=Merger

If you want more info please feel free to ask.